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Dear Parents and Students:

Thank you for your cooperation during this time of uncharted waters for our nation, state, and community.  We want to assure you that our district leaders are doing their best to make decisions based on utmost safety for our students, teachers, and staff.  They are in constant contact with our state leaders in this quickly changing situation.

The Itawamba County School District will do our best to provide information in a timely manner.  This information will be released through official school channels such as School Status, official district social media, newspaper, and television methods. 

Our district is providing materials for students to work on while at home.  This material is designed to help our students maintain necessary grade level skills while away from the classroom. Grades are not being given on these resources. Many of our teachers are contacting you through School Status groups already set up.  They are also posting on the school websites.  As a reminder, your child has access to many online educational websites that the district has purchased.  These include the following:

USA Test Prep (5th grade science, 8th grade science, Algebra, English II, U.S. History, Biology, and ACT Prep)

Moby Max (Grades K-8)

Reading Eggs (Grades K-2)

Math Facts in a Flash


Coach Digital

Study Sync (Grades 6-8 ELA)

Wonders (Grades K-3)


In addition, many online educational websites are offering free access to their materials.  Teachers are posting this information on social media and school websites.  Many of these sites have Apps available for your phone or tablet. 

Again, we thank you for your cooperation during this time.  We are all in this together!

Grade Level Remediation Packets

Summer Packets


MDE Learning-at-Home Resources

Kindergarten Math Packet

Kindergarten ELA Tutorial Combined

Kindergarten Packet 2

Kindergarten Packet

1st Grade ELA Tutorial

1st Grade Packet 2

1st Grade Math Tutorial

2nd Grade ELA Tutorial

2nd Grade Packet 2

2nd Grade Math Tutorial

2nd Grade Packet


3rd Grade ELA Tutorial

3rd Grade Packet 2

3rd Grade Math Tutorial

4th Grade ELA Tutorial

4th Grade Packet 2

4th Grade Math Tutorial

5th Grade ELA Tutorial

5th Grade Packet 2

5th Grade Math Tutorial

6th Grade ELA Tutorial

6th Grade Packet 2

6th Grade Math Tutorial

7th Grade ELA Tutorial

7th Grade Packet 2

7th Grade Math Tutorial

8th Grade ELA Tutorial

8th Grade Packet 2

8th Grade Math Tutorial

Algebra 1
Algebra 1 resources/Adding & Subtracting Polynomials Quiz
Algebra 1 resources/Answer Key Add Sub Polynomials
Algebra 1 resources/Systems Practice
Absolute Value with Key

English 1
English 1 resource packets/Answer Key Life Skills Passage
English 1 resource packets/Answer Key Resiliency
English 1 resource packets/commonlit_characteristics-of-resilient-people_student
English 1 resource packets/commonlit_life-skills_student

English 2
English II resources/Answer Key Jackie Kennedy

English II resources/Answer Key Bill of Rights
English II resources/Bill of Rights Passage
English II resources/Jackie Kennedy Passage

ACT Prep
ACT Prep/ACT Math Practice
ACT Prep/ACT Reading Practice8 Answer Key
ACT Prep/Answer Key ACT Math Practice
ACT Prep/Answer Key Redundancy 1
ACT Prep/Punctuation Practice 2 Answer Key
ACT Prep/Punctuation Practice 2
ACT Prep/Reading Passage 8
ACT Prep/Redundance 1

ACT Packet 1
ACT Packet 2

Biology/Biology I MAAP Study Guide for Re-testers

Itawamba County Superintendent's Office, 605 S. Cummings St. Fulton, MS 38843 | (662)862-2159