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Program Description

Essential elements of CPE are work-site training, training agreements, training plans, screening of students, paid employment, monitoring the field experience, and program accountability evaluations. The intent of this program is for students to be actively involved in one of the following course offerings. To maintain eligibility for this program, each student will be expected to follow the guidelines of the offering he or she is participating. Students will maintain employment on a continuous basis for the time they are enrolled in the class to maintain standing in CPE. CPE instructors/coordinators will meet with students at various times; this will be a district decision.

What should I expect in this program?

Students should expect to learn about time management, money management, financial responsibilities, customer service, career opportunities, job search, resume building, and leadership. In addition to completing work hours, students will complete assignments and projects related to leadership, finance, resume and portfolio building, ethics, job applications, workplace security, entrepreneurship, math skills, business fundamentals and scholarship research.

What is Work Based Learning?

Itawamba Career and Technical Center Work-based learning (WBL) provides students with real-life work experiences where they combine the academic and career pathway skills they have learned and apply them to an internship, apprenticeship, or paid work experience. WBL is a key component of the Career and Technical Education learning experience. Internship and Work-based learning experiences occur in a work setting, typically at an off campus worksite. Apprenticeship positions occur at the ICTC, Mantachie High School, or Tremont High School and are overseen by the Career Pathway Instructor. The work-based learning activities are coordinated with soft-skills activities such as communication, leadership, teamwork, problem solving, and time management.

How do I Enroll in Work Based Learning?

Complete 2 years in a CTE Pathway* or Complete 1 year in a CTE Pathway and be enrolled in the Second year of the CTE Pathway while pursuing the CTE Endorsement Be at least 16 years of age when the school year begins. Have access to transportation. CTE Instructor recommendation and at least one other ICSD teacher or administrator recommendation. Current resume. Completed WBL application. Interview.

*CTE Pathways may be completed at Mantachie High School, Tremont High School, and/or the Itawamba Career and Technical Center.

What does Work Based learning look like?

Each rising professional enrolled in WBL will follow a schedule specifically tailored to meet their career pathway objectives. Some may complete their WBL hands-on experience during the school day while others may complete theirs after school hours. All WBL rising professionals will begin the school year in a face to face setting at the ICTC, during their block scheduled for WBL. This time will be dedicated to developing not only soft skills but also skills such as financial literacy and portfolio management. During the school year, rising professionals will continue the development of these skills through independent activities. Rising professionals are required to communicate with the WBL Instructor on a regular basis through email, phone, and/or face to face methods. WBL rising professionals are required to complete a minimum of 140 hands-on hours to receive credit for the course.

What are Work Based Learning 2020 Graduates Saying?

“CPE has helped me prepare for my future by improving my soft skills that are involved with jobs and by holding me accountable for my responsibilities in the workplace.” - Agriculture Pathway and Work Based Learning Completor

“Before I took the CPE course, I couldn't handle change or adapting to new things all that great. During the first semester, I was always panicked and rushed to finish my work. However, in the second semester, I started to work more and more on how I can adapt better in the workplace. If it were not for this class I would still be a nervous wreck whenever I was faced with a real challenge.” - Digital Media Pathway and WBL Completor

“It gives you a picture of what real life is like and it gives students the credit for learning at their place of employment or work site and it helps with the school-to-work transition for high school students through practical work experience.” - Construction Pathway and WBL Completor

“The CPE class in general, I would also highly recommend. It helps you get a job or at least an internship in the field in which you would want to go in. It has helped me immensely. If given the opportunity I would go back and do it all over again. I would do it every day, because this is my natural high. Seeing the kids and getting to see them smile and laugh, I believe this is my purpose.” - Teacher Academy Pathway and WBL Completor

“If it wasn’t for CTE I would not be ready or prepared to enter the workforce. I believe everybody should partake in CTE.” - Welding Pathway and WBL Completor

“I believe CPE has benefited me in preparation for my future. CPE has made me understand the importance of attire and attitude during interviews. It has made me learn time management skills turning in timesheets and assignments. It has also allowed me to realize the importance of having good relationships with coworkers and customers because you deal with them everyday.” - Agriculture Pathway and WBL Completor

“I would also recommend taking CPE after you have completed your 2 years of your desired pathway. This class will help you find a way to have a job or internship within your desired field.” - Digital Media and WBL Completor

“CPE has helped me in so many ways that it is unreal. It has helped me to get out in the community and build my character not only as a student and a worker but as a person. It has helped me with knowing where I wanna go in the future and it has helped open so many doors with potential jobs and options for me in the future that I won’t have to worry about never having a job. One of the key things to have in CPE is the strive to succeed. And this class has given me just that. If you have that strive to succeed then you will go very far in your choice of pathway no matter what it is. Take it from someone who was shy and afraid to talk to a stranger at first, but now that I have that little taste of talking to strangers everyday in the clinic it’s like it’s a second nature to me. And I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity to better myself for the future in a way than this class.” - Health Sciences Pathway and WBL Completor

“CPE is not just a class, it is an actual career starter and it helps you begin or try to begin what and where you think is best for you to what you wanna do in the future.” - Health Sciences Pathway and WBL Completor

Benefits of Work Based Learning for Rising Professionals.

Development and practice of positive work-related habits and attitudes including the ability to think critically, solve problems, work in teams, and resolve issues Establishment of professional contacts for future employment. Expansion and refinement of high-tech skills learned while pursuing pathway completion

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